Announced: Jennifer Korsen “Cross My Heart” @ Stone Malone Gallery

crossmy heart

Stone Malone Gallery presents “CROSS MY HEART”  By Jennifer Korsen. Opening Reception Friday 13th, 2015 & Saturday February 14th 2015 7:00pm -12:00 am.

Jennifer Korsen is one of those elusive people you meet on occasion who was actually born in Los Angeles. A third generation Angeleno, Jennifer has been drawing, painting, and crafting as far back as she can remember. Her art pulls from deeply personal spaces, and the city of Los Angeles. A city that is ever changing, a city with a heart beat. Her “Heart” pieces serve as powerful symbols, something we all want, something we all need. The heart is the great equalizer, an image that most people connect to, but for very individual reasons. The full emotional spectrum—love, hate, vulnerability, strength, connection, life, death, pleasure, and pain—can all be recalled just by looking at the heart.

“CROSS MY HEART” Runs Through March 1st, 2015

Opening night Sounds By MostArt

Free Beer, Wine, & Soft Drinks.



Inquiries / Preview Contact



Stone Malone Gallery

7619 1/2 Melrose Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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