Where to start? by Michael Alan


Where to start?

words Michael Alan

images courtesy Michael Alan

IMG956467Where to start?

If I had to give a true true true true answer staring at myself in the mirror with a razor and a sketchbook why I started living installation, I would simply state that there is nothing like it. When I was younger I used to wish for adventures, playful, safe, creative experiences.  I’d end up having to organize it, whether in my mind or be lucky to gather a few young fools. As I aged and quite well I took what knowledge I knew from film, music, creation, illustration of stories narrations, people watching , friendships, toxic splatters, fun fun fun fun, purity and most of all collaboration. And used it as the prime elements of living installation.

13 years ago I would never believe I would be involved in a naked wild adventure.  I’m more of a blue collar Brooklyn boy who likes fast cars and loud music.  But somehow the living installation turned me into the man I am today.  I learn from my mistakes, my bad communication and good communication.  I learned skills that helped develop living paintings.  I learned how to animate my art without being another animator. I learned how to create bonds with every type of walk of life and bring back the old New York.

IMG_6528Living installation is not my job.  It isn’t a side project, it isn’t a show, it isn’t a play, it’s an experience where everyone is invited to be a part of a production or watch the creation happen live.  You can barely find a fucking seat in the street to sit and think.  I want to set the people free and give them hours to escape their routines– Paint and draw and laugh and gather. I don’t get a secret joy out of it but I do get to empower some of my friends and myself. Live Now. The past is dead. The future all-ready happened.

More on Michael Alan and The Living Installation HERE

For an official sneak listen click HERE for music from the upcoming edition of The Living Installation August 8th @ Tanja Grunert Gallery, 33a Orchard Street, NY NY.

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artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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