Announced: Michael Alan “Living Installation” @ Tanja Grunert Gallery

Living Installation

Saturday———————- Aug 8th 6pm to 1AM—————-Michael Alan Alien Invasion

State Of Grace 13 Years of Happenings

13 years of living, live, love, community, Fun, positivity, oddness and a huge line up of models, cast, and team with music and wild SAFE times……This show will be at Tanja Grunert Gallery, 33a Orchard Street, NY NY….

A wild Graceful Live show were 13 bodies, will be turned Live into living paintings and act out every feeling a human can express, from light to dark, from Love to pain. Full circle, a pile of living moving parts. A child’s dream. NY has changed happenings are a word of the past, help us keep NY the Old NY…………the bodies will be ordained with every material, and look like Alan’s drawings in the 10th dimension, the crowd will take a a vacation, and join art……..

The Living Installation is a 13 year project, where the cast act out and become living drawings. Michael Alan live turns each and everyone into living paintings. It is an experience of all the elements. From the streets of NY, to the best museums ongoing as a non-profit with support from themselves and the great crowd of humans that gather.
Get lost in life, everything happens to fast. Come slow down and watch brave souls become moving 10d art, live sounds {Live music all night by Mike alan and Tim “love” Lee} …..come and go as you please, zone out, draw, zen, be one.

This is a Ticket only event.

6pm on——————
From the Village Voice “Best in Show” 2010

“Alan’s thread-like lines are manically impulsive; they barely go an inch without detouring. Short, jagged strokes, tiny loops, and quick arcs make jittery, skeletal outlines of distorted human forms. Hasty daubs of blues and pinks wrap the frames with translucent skin while also conveying the blur of movement. Alan loves motion; in Move in Distance, a dancer’s five legs, kicking up in successive positions, pay homage to those futurist studies in dynamism. Even the reclining male figure of Prostitution looks restless—the angular, attenuated limbs and their busy surfaces bring to mind one of Egon Schiele’s more anxious self-portraits.” – Robert Shuster, The Village Voice, Best In Show

From Marie Claire Italia

“Art has to come to life… [Michael Alan is] an art prodigy…his flamboyant creativity mixes action, music, bodies, and on from there. His drawings and sculptures live.”
– Ilka Scobie, Marie Claire Italia, March 2010

From the New York Times

“[His art is] To recapture what has been lost and update it with a big splash of paint.”
– Ruth La Ferla, The New York Times, April 30, 2009

From Anti-Mag

”I admire the heart and passion of this artist. I appreciate the fact that he wants art living and breathing from his subject matter to his audience.”
– Jo Ann L.B. Duggins, Anti-Mag, August 2009




Tanja Grunert

33a Orchard Street


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