Announced: Outlaw Arts “21st Precinct Anniversary” @ Judith Charles Gallery

21st precinct bumper

Outlaw Arts, Lion Beer, N Carlos j & Point A presents 21st Precinct Anniversary Exhibit @ Judith Charles Gallery. Featuring Salvaged objects and New works. Friday Opening Night Music By: DJ Huggy Bear.

Artist List From Last Year:

Adam Dare, Al Diaz, Amanda Marie, ASVP, Bad Pedestrian, Ben Angotti, BEAU, Bill Claps, Bishop203, bunny M, Cash4, Chris RWK, Chris Soria, Coby Kennedy, Curb Your Ego, D. Gaja, Danielle Mastrion, Damon Johnson, Dasic, Dizmology, Duel, ELLE, Erasmo, Esteban del Valle, Faust, Ghost, GIZ, Hellbent, Hue, Icy & Sot, Iena Cruz, Ivan Orama, Jesper Haynes, Joseph Meloy, Justin Carty, Ket, Lexi Bella, Li Hill, Lorenzo Masnah, Matt Siren, Mr. Toll, N. Carlos Jay, Nepo, Net, Never, Nick Tengri, Noxer, Pesu, Phil, Pixote, Queen Andrea, RAE, Rambo, Ricardo Cabret, Savior Elmundo, Sheryo & The Yok, Shiro, Smells, Tone Tank, URNY (Ski & 2esae), Vexta,VFR, X-O, Zoens

Judith Charles Gallery


Judith Charles Gallery

196 Bowery

New York, New York 10012

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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