Announced: Alex Pergament & Michael Ambrose “PHYSICAL CULTURE A Polaroid Pop-Up” @ Newark Seed Gallery

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RED DOT and NEWARK SEED GALLERY Present Alex Pergament and Michael Ambrose “PHYSICAL CULTURE A Polaroid Pop-Up”

Polaroids are the photographic forebearers of Instagram, developed in the early 1960s, when our culture had not yet deprioritized the physical in favor of the digital. This exhibit presents 40 unique polaroids by Jersey City artists Alex Pergament and Michael Ambrose, exploring the relationship between what we see and what photographs capture.

Michael’s photographs, made using a Graflax press camera, emphasize this physicality by embracing the light leaking through the camera’s worn components, revealing ghosts cutting across the ordinary physical objects. By piercing the darkness necessary for the camera’s proper functioning, his pictures act as reminders that cameras are tools of isolation, and can sometimes see what is not otherwise visible.

Alex’s photographs, made using a 1960s Polaroid land camera question the authenticity of physical objects depicted in the photographs. The Stills series show single and double-exposures of television screens. By using physical technology to document digital technology, Alex’s photographs destroy the popular illusion that photographs are accurate representations of reality – an illusion enhanced by a social media culture that deifies spontaneity, but only when it looks perfect. The physical photographs make the digital content transparent, leaving physical pictures of a physical reality of actors in television settings under television lighting. Both artists emphasize that our physical reality is not necessarily reflected in our visual culture.

Live music by Jersey City songwriters Shayfer James and Chris Zurich at 9:00pm.

Please join us for Red Dot – one-day exhibitions at Newark Seed Gallery, featuring some of the finest artists in New Jersey, every Thursday.

Alex Pergament (b. Odessa, Ukraine) is a Jersey City based interactive artist, sculptor, and photographer. He has received the Young Artists grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and the Blueprint Fellowship. He is the director of Helga and Carl, a large-scale interactive book sculpture, and is currently an artist-in-residence at 660 Studios in Jersey City.

Michael Ambrose (b. Lake Tahoe, CA) is a Jersey City based nature photographer and adventurer. He is interested in photographing the wild places, cultures, and architecture that have been made rich and beautiful by withstanding the test of time. Michael has a B.A. in fine arts from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and often shoots with a 4×5 field camera.

Shayfer James is a Jersey City based musician and songwriter. He is an iTunes New and Noteworthy artist, and has been featured in Filter Magazine, MTV Hive, and the Star Ledger. His fourth album, Haunted Things, was released in September 2015. Shayfer is the creator of March of Crows, using loaned visual arts to inspire songs.

Admission by Suggested Donation.



Seed Gallery

210 Market St

Newark, New Jersey 07102



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