Announced: Michael Allen “The Fuck Depression Art Show” @ 17 Frost Gallery


Michael Allen “The Fuck Depression Art Show” at 17 Frost Gallery. Saturday December 19th / 10 hours. 6pm to all night…By Michael Alan and Bourbon Bill

From Michael:

The holidays make people fucked up. Lets Come gather, Full circle while we model, Perform a 10 hour ritual anti-depression Xmas show. 10 hours/10 wild hours with the huge 17 Frost Gallery.

We’re Gonna bring down the house let’s all get out of our own bullshit. From 6pm all night. Only 20 bucks…..all funds go to keeping the 15th break backing show alive. Donate more if you can, this show has been funded by me for 15 years. The old New York is dead.

IMG_0297What will happen…..picture a large gallery/ warehouse with Tim “Love” Lee tucked in the corner with a Mic for Mike alien as every model makes a circle and acts out there own character for 1o hours……you will see them be turned into sculptures and perform there wild talents.

Get Ticket below, 20 bucks plus tax, you won’t need a printed out copy, just say your name at the door!!!!
Private event, Tickets only, Fuck depression show!!!! 10 hours, get away from sadness, come make and be art!


The Anti Depression Show

Mike Alan Alien {departed Santa}

Dave Modelo {sloppy poop}

Upa {10 hours of the same standup}

Nick Greenwald {Bad baby with toys}

Ramsey Jones {Live Music}

Bekah fly {singing star, LIVE TATTOOS} {yes, she will tat you up naked!!!!

Elena Leslie + Karissa Mckeel {nude sisters attached by paint,loving Santa}

Erica Imbasciani {jungle cat, decorated by alien world}

special mystery guest……….

Tim love lee {live music}

Suzy Q Arango {Girl in a box}

Selina Lee {MIKE alien sister}

Mackenzie Anne Spindler {fire}

Garry E Boake {Reindeer}

Catalyst Chica {primemover}

Sean Alday [Mikey cyrus, kronslong’s lost daughter/ son….aka Banana Montana

keren moscovitch {sexy stuff}

Miss vivian (the bunny)

17 Frost logo


17 Frost Gallery

17 Frost St

Brooklyn, New York 11211

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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