Announced: Con Artist Collective “New York Shitty an off-off Armory Show”

new york shitty

Opening reception for New York Shitty an off-off Armory Show!
March 2 -12 2016 Con Artist Gallery

Street Art has made conversation on the street, in the public space, for decades. Non commissioned, uncensored, unwanted, resented and prosecuted: the many forms of street art have demanded dialog, have created a visual conversation between artists and the public.

It remains an ongoing visual response and expression to social issues. At this point also invited and commissioned, street art keeps changing forms and mediums reflecting current art practice and technology.

Con Artist Collective has found works from nitty gritty urban raw energy to conceptual design with positive messages.
Lock on sculptures, stencil work, wheatpasted posters, murals, sculptural street installations, live art, graffiti, art trucks, found objects, street theater and concepts for Urban interaction..

Artists: BlancaBlanca, Blind (Sweden), T.mas (Italy), Motherpigeon, Dave Tree, Wizard Skull , Brandon Sines aka Frank Ape, Lenore Cohen, James McGann, Fishwithbraids, Josef Pinlac, Ty Douglas, Jenny Heissenhuber, Sarah Wang, JulzArt, subtexture (g-spot crew)), Karl Kotas (g-spot crew)), tfuk (g-spot crew), Omer Gal (also the creator of the Shitheads).

The show opens on March 2, 7pm – 11 pm

Also check out their Outdoor Street Action, in a location to be announced near the Armory Show on Sat March 5th and Sun the 6th. There will be live painting and wheat pasting on trucks and walls!

contact person: Fishwithbraids, Uta Brauser
, join the email list:, IG @fishwithbraids Twitter @fishwithbraids, FB Uta Brauser,

Con Artist Logo


Con Artist Collective

119 Ludlow St

New York, New York 10002

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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