Spotlight: Ellen Stagg “Dirty Girl Collection – Naked & Uncensored”


“Dirty Girl Collection” is a collection of Ellen Stagg’s best nude photography to date. The unique, daring selection includes images of over 50 top adult models, from famous adult actress Justine Joli, whom Stagg first began working with in 2005, to model sensation Charlotte Stockely. Page for page, Stagg takes the viewer on a sexy provocative journey, testing the boundaries of art and nudity. Stagg’s images showcase confident females who are wild and rampant in front of the camera. True to the traditional style of American erotic photography. An expression of freedom and liberty, attributes that burn inside of all us. Nothing is off-limits in this truly enticing, daring and provocative collection.

Ellen Stagg is one of the most well-known American nude photographers. Though Stagg found success in the world of commercial photography, her true passion always lay with the erotic. After years of struggling to connect with models who would understand her vision, Stagg met Justine Joli in 2005; the award winning adult actress quickly became Stagg’s muse. Through Joli, Stagg was able to connect with other women from the adult industry. Stagg found it easy to create nude art with these “pros;” and started  This site brought clients such as Penthouse and Playboy, a documentary on, art shows around the world and more.

Sure to bring pleasure to all who peruse its pages. From provocative snapshots to sexy girl-on-girl action, Stagg’s photography pushes the envelope and takes the viewer on an exciting journey through her world of artistic nudes.

“Dirty Girl Collection – Naked & Uncensored” Hardcover edition available now through Goliath Books.

Pre Order in the US through Amazon.

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Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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