Announced: May 26th Opening Reception @ Agora Gallery


Much to see at Agora Gallery’s May 26th concurrent opening receptions of Metamorphosis: Banjerd Lekkong a Solo Exhibition, Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand, Elixir of Nature, and A Moment in Time. The exhibitions will be on view at Agora Gallery, 530 W 25th St., Chelsea, New York, May 20 through June 9. Gallery hours: 11am-6pm, Tues.-Sat.

Travel to the other side of the globe without ever leaving New York City with the exhibition Out from Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand!

Featuring: Pamela Asai, Ping Lian Yeak, Kirana Haag, Sarah Lynch, Barbara Bateman, Cathy Carter.

Get carried away by the works of the artists featured in Elixir of Nature, whether the artist has rendered something from life or has created something entirely new on the canvas, the viewer is able to see elements of nature through each of these featured works.

Featuring: Carla Negron, Judy Howie Coury, TOTO, Javier Pastor, Gerry Defries, Juli Schuszler, Kirsi Neuvonen, Tina McDowell, Erin Cooke, Kristina Garonm, Natia Malazonia, Andrea De Luigi, Joan Shimabukuro, Xiaoqing Zhang, Susana Cecilia Taratuty, Susan Marx, Marilyn Cochrane, Simon Raskina.

Take a breath of fresh.. art, by looking at the diverse dream-like scenes based on memories and inspiration by the artworks featured in “A Moment in Time.”

Featuring: Cedric Cocyer, Micro Pasqualini, Eva Otterstrom, Sa Peng, Farshid Razavi, Aung Kyaw Htet, Doris Brown, Sylvie Michault, Marcia Haufrecht, Michael Gleizer, Gretchen Minnhaar, Bill Young, William Robinson.

AND, get ready to experience a real change in what you think about steel! Metamorphosis: Banjerd Lekkong a Solo Exhibition creates sculptures so intricate and densely packed with information that they erase the divisions between art, story, and symbol entirely.

Agora Gallery LogoAgora Gallery

530 W 25t St

New York, New York 10001


Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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