Announced: Scott Kirshner’s Inner Wasteland + The Comfort of Stars (group show) @ Arch Enemy Arts


OPENING 10/7: Scott Kirshner’s Inner Wasteland + The Comfort of Stars (group show)

Scott Kirschner’s Inner Wasteland

Arch Enemy Arts is proud to announce the opening of Inner Wasteland, the long-anticipated followup to Philadelphia artist Scott Kirschner’s 2013 AEA solo show, My Famine. Scott’s work is somber, haunting, and beautiful, expertly using surreal imagery and extraordinary characters to calm and to center stories that explore many of the more difficult parts of life, weaving curiosity, whimsy, and magic into journeys through dark places, like the original versions of our favorite fairy tales.

Through 11 new works in oils and graphite, Inner Wasteland tells the story of an enchanted forest as a metaphor for the subconscious, and each scene is a memory that’s become a part of our internal landscape. These moments don’t simply disappear, they become entangled in the underbrush and in limbs of trees and bushes, and enter a process in which the forest works slowly and steadily to reclaim them. To surround them with life and beauty and each vine, flower, or layer of dirt works to suppress and take back those places over time.

The Comfort of Stars

The Comfort of Stars features new work by Chris Mars, Naoto Hattori, Julie Filipenko, RELM, Scott Listfield, Happy D, Richard J Oliver, Dave Correia, Ania Tomicka, Erich J Moffitt, Veks Van Hillik, 100Taur, Chris Leib, Nick Sheehy, Jason Blake, and JoKa, with each of the 16 artists taking a science-fiction approach to explore our place in the universe, “our place” being either the self, or humankind. As a collection the works use space and time to tell a wide array of stories of the vastness of the universe and the smallness of ourselves, as a background for loneliness, isolation, as the last frontier for exploration and adventure, and to portray connected-ness, common origin, or the ‘theory of everything’.

Opening Night for both shows will Friday October 7th from 6-10PM. To request a collector’s preview email

arch enemyArch Enemy Arts

109 Arch St

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

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