Announced: “Black and White” @ Code of Conduct Gallery

For the month of June Code of Conduct Gallery presents a group show featuring 32 amazing artists in the disciplines of Illustration & Photography. Each artist was asked to produce an original all black & white 8×10 piece for the exhibition. Opening reception Friday June 2nd – 6 to 10 PM with beverages provided by fantastic sponsors:
Dark Matter Coffee & 21st Amendment Brewery
(must be 21+ for beverages)

Featured Artists:
Aaron Bradley, Carlos Deltizzle, Chris Gallevo, Chris Orta , Craig Shimala, Danny Cantu, Danny Sobor, Deadcell, Defame, Devon Neff, Elgrba, Erik Lundquist, General Lucifer , Glass Cuisine, Goodkind, Jaime Ames Navarro, Jake Ames, Jason Price, Jeff Mancilla, Junkyard ,Kevin Demski, Manny V, Marc “Oder” Georgion, OG Slowdeath, Oscar Arriola, Pizza In The Rain, Rafael Corona, Rodney Dollah, Ryan Lange, Sonic Visual Graphics, Urban Camper, Zurdo.

Code of Conduct

14 E 11th St
Chicago, Illinois

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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