Announced: “Little Big Show” @ Mana BSMT presented by Apostrophe NYC

Opening reception of Little Big Show, presented by Apostrophe NYC and Mana BSMT Saturday July 15th 5pm – 10pm.


Little Big Show is a group exhibition that investigates mitigated experience and its effect on viewing art in a post-digital era. The project was conceived and produced by Apostrophe NYC, featuring works by Base 12—a group of twelve New York City-based emerging and experimental artists working in a quasi-collective, currently in residence at Mana BSMT. Little Big Show critiques assumptions of virtual versus “real” representation by positing two allied narratives in sequential galleries: the first in an exhibition of miniature digital reproductions, the second in a series of original artworks. Encapsulating a world enthralled with virtual interpretation through social media, Little Big Show challenges our notions of representation by interrogating the value of the analog, unmediated experience.

Caslon Bevington, Ryan Bock, Morell Cutler, Alana Dee Haynes, Charlie Hudson, Kolter Hodgson, The Love Child, Julia M. Powers, James Rubio, James Reyes, Bruno Smith, Sei Smith.


Mana Contemporary

888 Newark Ave

Jersey City, NJ

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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