Announced: Spring Exhibitions – Lisette Morel, 2 Spirits, Dimelo + Music @ Gallery Aferro

Join Gallery Aferro for an extraordinary immersive set of new exhibits from artists across the world!

Main Gallery:

Places You Aren’t Supposed To Go:
[Don’t Play Me] Do We Still Call It Abstract Art?
Lisette Morel
Curated by Ayana Evans
Main Gallery, Gallery Aferro
April 7 – May 26, 2018
Opening Reception April 7th 7-10pm @ Gallery Aferro

For Lisette Morel the color black marks territory as it also points to “places you aren’t supposed to go” like extremely dark alley ways or metaphoric places like dark thought. In this sense, Morel literally marks her territory by considering and invading space that is not limited to the gallery walls or traditional canvas. She paints on found sheet rock that is hung on the wall and frequently bunches fabrics or allows canvas to run onto the floor. Her mark making extends to the gallery walls in a sense of urgency. Performative elements of mark making began to weave into Morel’s work in 2013. For this exhibit, the last in a 2017-2018 quartet of solo shows by women artists of color from different generations organized by the gallery, she will complete a new solo work at the opening. “For me performative pieces are an extension of my body and a vulnerability. While some of the performances express power; they are also fragile. There is a duality. And when I allow the performances to become public or invite the public it’s not me…I pray and ask for cojones… so that my most authentic inner self [emerges].” Morel was the inaugural recipient of Gallery Aferro’s Sustainable Arts Fellowship for studio residents who are also parents.

Two Spirits
Curated by Jo-El Lopez
Eleta J. Caldwell and Rodney M. Gilbert Memorial Gallery,
Gallery Aferro
April 7 – May 26, 2018
Opening Reception April 7th 7-10pm @ Gallery Aferro
Featured Artists:
Luis Carle
Gerardo Castro

Though in Western tradition, gender is understood as male and female, many world cultures, especially Native American culture, do not have such a precise division. Instead there is provision for, movement back and forth between genders. “Two Spirits” refers not just to the two artists exhibiting, but also evokes a body simultaneously housing both a masculine and a feminine spirit. This exhibit is also inspired by the interplay between spirituality, activism, and queerness, as seen in the longing felt by many people of indigenous descent to connect to this earlier, lost heritage.

Borinquen artists Geraldo Castro and Luis Carle’s works evidence how the radical influences pop culture, including ongoing pushback and questioning of gender roles. Castro painting of visually masculine nude men adorned in feminine trappings juxtaposes roles and notions of traditional beauty. Photographer Luis Carle’s nostalgic imagery recorded gay life and activism in New York City in the early eighties, and revisiting this work now reminds us of the necessity of more activism, as we see what has changed and what has not.

These Two Spirits, and other men like them, take on an important role in the art community; they are healers, visionaries and valued for their balanced perception of existence and a way of being.

Elevator Music 4: Brian Oakes
Elevator Installation, 2nd Floor, Gallery Aferro
Curated by Jacob Mandel
April 7-May 26, 2018
Opening Reception April 7th 7-10pm @ Gallery Aferro

Brian Oakes is a New Jersey-based animator, filmmaker, composer, and educator. His award-winning short films have screened at national and international film festivals and galleries. He studied animation and digital arts at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Many of his films are based on original musical compositions, in which he plays and records all of the instruments.

Activate: Market Street 17
Curated by Jo-El Lopez
April 7 – May 26, 2018
75 & 77 Market Street, Newark NJ
Opening Reception April 7th 7-10pm @ Gallery Aferro
Featured Artists:
Juan Gutiérrez
Ernesto Rodríguez
Wali Vidal

In the Spanish language DIMELO means “tell it to me” or in the colloquial terms: “talk to me”. These three Dominican Artists, Ernesto Rodríguez, Juan Guitiérrez, Wali Vidal, use traditional and modern art forms to describe a new moment of globalization, dismantling stereotypes and inviting street viewers inside Caribbean culture.

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Gallery Aferro

73 Market St

Newark, New Jersey


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