Spotlight: RAD Girl Revolution

We wanted to shine a light on our friends leading the Rad Girl Revolution Jen Bruno and Sharita Manickam. They are the co-creators of A Children’s Book for Little Girls Who Dream BIG!

Jen and Sharita launched a Kickstarter campaign last Thursday for their project called Rad Girl Revolution. It will be a hardcover (10×8″) children’s book for kids ages 3-7 that empowers young girls and encourages gender equal mindsets in young boys. They were selected as a Kickstarter “Project We Love” within the first few hours and have been featured on HelloGigglesamNewYork, and NY1. Although, they have met their initial goal, pre-orders will be available until May 8.

While there are many empowering children’s books about women trailblazers in history, the creators of Rad Girl Revolution wanted to make a book that would allow young girls to picture themselves becoming the inspiring women of the future! They also wanted their book to appeal primarily to a younger audience. Gender stereotypes are set in children as early as age 6, so it is crucial to expose them to empowering books and reach them during the critical developmental ages of 3-7 years old.
“Rad Girl Revolution” is a book that shows young girls they can be anything – from a CEO or astronaut to an athlete or even President!
Check out the video and page and consider backing the campaign, or helping spread the word on social media!

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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