Peter Adamyan “Maiming the West” @ Spoke Art SF

Opening this Saturday June 29th at Spoke Art in San Francisco is a new solo show by artist Peter Adamyan titled “Maiming the West”. You can see all the work in the show now as part of the collector preview at the link here. If you see any work you are interested in you can reach the gallery at

“Maiming the West” is an exhibition inspired by the wild lands of the western United States and its inhabitants exploitation of it. Telling the story of manifest destiny in post civil war America and the failures of reconstruction in the south. Exploring the way in which loggers, miners, railroad workers, farmers, ranchers and tycoons “tamed” the land in an effort to profit from it, leaving destruction, genocide and extinction in their wake

A few places were saved thanks to people like John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt as national parks and the building of the interstate high way system allowed greater access to these parks where people who had never been in such wild places mistreated their new found access. Into the 21st century many of these places have become nothing more than tourist attractions no better than amusement parks leading to what many have called the Disneyfication of the national parks, with social media leading to the parks being loved to death, showing that even the land that is set aside to be wild and free has become valued by how it can turn a profit.

With these thoughts Peter has set out to create a body of work teetering on an uneasy beauty between the wild natural lands that abound west of the Mississippi with the always present hand of man willing to destroy it for an ever increasing fortune.

Maiming the West Opens this Saturday June 29th at Spoke Art in San Francisco.

Spoke Art
816 Sutter St
San Francisco CA

Author: c_priority

artist / curator / slap tagger @ GSWW ~ Principal @ ladderandkey

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