Announced: Okuda San Miguel “Kaos Trip” in Guangzhou


K11 Guangzhou, is an art and cultural landmark in Southern China, it is expecting to open the new exhibition, Kaos Trip, on July 10th at chi K11 art space. Spanish artist, Okuda San Miguel will bring a comprehensive presentation of his work for the first time in mainland China, offering the audience a tour around different formats and techniques he uses in his work, but also a tour around some of the ideas and concepts that guide him when creating his art. The exhibition will create a gorgeous and fantastic surreal visual experience, presenting an organic fusion of colors and geometric figures.

Okuda San Miguel is one of the most well-known and internationally influential Spanish contemporary artists. With an impact from pop culture, such as films, music, fashion, etc., his work covers a wide range of pop art, contemporary art, surrealism, design and other fields. Okuda once transformed the Santa Barbara church in Llanera, Spain into a colorful skateboarding stadium, and named it Kaos Temple. Its iconic geometric style completely covers the walls and arched ceilings of the entire church, depicting different human faces, animals, and graphics, turning the originally gray-black church into another world. This not only gives new life to the building that was on the verge of being abandoned, but also allows skateboarders to fly between U-shaped plates, change different perspectives, and experience the endless power of colors in the fusion of urban space and art.

Being highly recognizable, Okuda’s works are mostly composed of rich and bright colors and iconic patterns. Whether it is a work for a public space, a painting on a shelf, a documentary, a book about his artistic philosophy or a sculpture or installation, it is full of vitality from inside out that cannot be ignored, with a strong sense of pop style and surrealism. These critical and enlightening works not only bring a visual impact to the audience, but also reveal a sense of mystery. Okuda also explores the themes of existentialism, universe infinity, meaning of life, and environmental protection in his works, showing the conflict between contemporaneity and origin, man and nature.

Kaos Trip will for the first time include Okuda San Miguel‘s large-scale paintings, tapestries, sculptures, installations and other representative works with diversified forms, inviting the audience to an art journey constituted by works of different structures, designs and techniques. At the same time, this exhibition is also an art roaming full of artists’ creative inspiration. The various compositions, characters, graphics and landscapes in the work not only reflect the diversity and creativity of technology, but also convey multiple thoughts and concerns about life. In the exhibition, the audience not only can appreciate an “organic” exhibition space constructed by various paintings, sculptures, mixed media works, installations and interventions, but also are invited to participate in this space together as a part of the work. Okuda‘s signature color textures covers the floor of the entire space, trying to make the audience feel that they are part of the work from the moment they step in, and establishes trust and resonance with an immersive experience. Using bright colors to create the iconic image of flashing separation, Okuda’s new art installation Kaleidoscope Tunnel will make its debut and enable the audiences feel like being in the kaleidoscope in the continuous change.

Okuda’s wall paintings, which are “scattering” all over the world, inject the optimism and positive energy brought by bright colors into different cities. This time, Okuda brings his color world to Guangzhou, using color to make the post-pandemic mundane life alive.


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Author: c_priority

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