Questions filter in from people about the site everyday. We have condensed all of the Frequently Asked Questions to this safe place…

“Who is Ladder & Key?”

Ladder and Key was founded by artist Christopher Priority.

“Is Ladder & Key a brick and mortar place?”

Ladder & Key exists as a digital venue showcasing artworks, so its like just a website.

“Why do some of the older 10 point profiles read Onefive4gallery on the top left?”

Ladder & Key is built on the bones of our original poorly named site Onefive4gallery (circa 2010). Onefive4Gallery was made to showcase my work alone but it quickly became evident that no one was looking at it. Intrigued we began to include other people’s work, posts about shows, interviews with artists and gallery owners. The viewership grew and the focus adjusted to art around the world. The name Onefive4gallery always felt too clunky and was evidently pretty unmemorable. 6 years of it got really annoying. Mid 2016 bored of the previous layout and tired of the old name we dumped it and started over.

“How do you get the artists to take part in the interviews?”

We have had many submit their work but more often we see something interesting and  reach out and ask.

“Can I submit my work to be considered for an interview or post about my show?”

Sure go for it! Send us a link to your work or show listing and maybe we’ll feature it. We like to post about shows 2 to 3 days in advance. Please don’t be all salty if we do not use your content.

“Do you represent any of the artists involved?”

NO. We interview people, we post about shows that look interesting but we do NOT rep anyone that you see on the site.

“Can we send you press releases and passes to shows?”

Yes. contact mail@ladderandkey.com


Got a question? Want an answer? mail@ladderandkey.com



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