The List

People we like, Stuff we like…in no particular order.

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

Paul Rentler
Luke O’Sullivan
David Campbell
Christopher Ulrich
3 punts gallery
Jantien de Boer
Christian Rex van Minnen
Lauren Marx
Corinne Halbert
Shawn Dickenson
Austen Mengler
T Shirt Wasteland
Emma Hopkins
Maya Brill
Kerry Leonard Dunn

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

MAY 2016

Erin Anderson
Michael Reeder
Lowbrow Artique
Dion Hitchings
Delfin Finley
Gage Opdenbrouw
Adrian Ghenie
Ivan Theorin
George Dawney
Kenne Gregoire
Paul Insect
Jerry Rugg
Mow Skwoz
Golden Green
James Concannon

April 2016

Shimona Henry
David Shevilino
Nick Stull
Sahar Azadmehr
Jesuso Ortiz
Jakub Rozalski
Killer Bootlegs

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